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Largeur : 2.20 m
Longueur : 6.50 m
Capacité reservoir : 120 l
Marque : 7
Passagers max : C
Puissance max : 300cv V8 5.7L essence cv
Poids avec moteur : 1350 kg
Vitesse max : 40 noeuds nds
Vitesse de croisière : 20/30 noeuds nds

The 620 Acapulco de Luxe blends the classic Boesch silhouette with latest-generation design. The newly developed hull, combined with the traditional Boesch power train concept, creates a new dimension in boating and waterskiing. At slalom speeds, the wake stays compact and soft. The new engine technology not only features reduced emissions but also cuts fuel consumption. The comfortable deck and the spacious cockpit offer ample room for five to six people, thanks to the proven L-shaped lounge configuration. There’s plenty of space for skis and gear under the foredeck and sundeck. The body stands out with its Boesch mahogany look, a gently curved gunwale, and decorative maple inlays. 

CE-certified, design category C.



1 Tachometer with separate digital display

1 Oil pressure gauge with warning unit

1 Voltmeter

1 Cooling water temperature gauge

1 Hour meter

1 Fuel gauge

1 VDO Sumlog HS speedometer

1 Electric clock



1 12-V battery rated 100 Ah, with cover

1 Rotating searchlight integrated in bow

4 Navigation lights

1 Portable lamp with cable

1 Signal horn

1 Explosion-proof engine compartment vent fan

1 Dashboard power outlet, 12 V DC

1 Electromagnetic fuel shutoff valve

1 Ignition switch with start and park positions

1 Illuminated compass

1 Master circuit breaker

1 Electric bilge pump

automatic fire-extinguishing system in motor compartment


Standard Accessories

1 Combination paddle/boat hook

1 Paddle

1 Special anchor

1 Anchor line, 20m

2 Mooring lines

2 Flotation cushions

1 Fog horn

1 Distress flag

1 Flagstaff with Boesch pennant

1 Aft flagstaff

4 Fenders

1 Fuel dip stick

1 Engine manual

1 Tool kit

1 fire extinguisher 2kg

1 Bow eye

1 Large luxury wraparound windshield

Luxury upholstery and carpets

Chrome-plated bronze hardware

1 Lockable glove compartment

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