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Largeur : 2.40 m
Longueur : 7.50 m
Capacité reservoir : 175 l
Motorisation : V8 5.7L essence
Marque : 7
Passagers max : C
Puissance max : 300 cv
Poids avec moteur : 1750 kg
Vitesse max : 40 noeuds nds
Vitesse de croisière : 20/30 nds

The 710 Costa Brava de Luxe is the largest single-engine Boesch runabout; it will also impress you with a unique innovation. In boats with conventional shaft drives, prop backwash affects maneuverability. That downside is eliminated by the retractable bow rudder of the 710 Costa Brava de Luxe: it offers unprecedented mooring control. Maneuvering this boat is a sheer pleasure, and so is taking it out for an extended spin, of course. The classically sleek hull conceals a brawny yet smooth V8 engine that interacts with the famous Boesch Horizon Gliding® feature to make the 710 Costa Brava de Luxe a grand and powerful ski boat with an exhilarating wake and unexcelled handling characteristics. Tradition and innovation – the 710 Costa Brava de Luxe reaffirms the Boesch success formula.

The 710 Costa Brava de Luxe is a mahogany vessel that proudly reflects the traditions of classic boatbuilding. Visually, it is a sibling of the popular 750 Portofino de Luxe. Its cockpit comfortably accommodates up to 7 people and features numerous innovations. For instance, the adjustable 2-passenger bench has a folding backrest for forward or skier observation seating, and it even converts into an extra bunk. Thanks to the air-cushioned 2-way-adjusting seat, the pilot’s view is unobstructed at all times. And despite this boat’s sport appeal, it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of comfort: the refrigerator, integrated on the starboard side of the cockpit, is easily accessible from the top. The mahogany table with the glassholders is great for socializing. The convertible top mounts in seconds to protect everyone against wind and weather. Plenty of storage space up front as well as adjacent to and behind the engine lets you keep everything stowed and organized. The 710 Costa Brava de Luxe stands for the ultimate in boatbuilding artistry.



Tachometer with separate digital display

Engine coolant temperature gauge


Oil pressure gauge

Fuel gauge

Hour meter

SUMLOG HS speedometer

Rudder position indicator

Electric clock



2 12-V batteries, each rated 78 A/h, 1 battery for starting engine, 1 battery for appliances (refrigerator, etc.)

Dual bow searchlight

automatic fire-extinguishing system in motor compartment

Standard Accessories

Dual windshield wiper system

4 Navigation lights

Electric bilge pump

Electric horn

4 Long jumbo fenders

2 Mooring lines

1 Paddle

1 Combination paddle/boat hook

Fog horn

Distress light

Tool kit

1 Folding anchor, 6kg

2 Flotation cushions

1 Distress flag

Fuel dip stick

Boesch flag with flagstaff

Aft flagstaff with Swiss ensign

Lockable glove compartment

Owner’s manuals

Bow eye

Flotation ring with heaving line

Refrigerator with dual battery package

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