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Désignation : BOESCH 970 ST. TROPEZ
Largeur : 3.02 m
Longueur : 10.00 m
Capacité reservoir : 2X200 l
Motorisation : 2 X V8 8.1L 380cv
Marque : 7
Passagers max : B-8
Poids avec moteur : 4350 kg
Vitesse max : 40 noeuds nds
Vitesse de croisière : 20/30 noeuds nds

The spacious lounge of the B970 leaves nothing to be desired. With its wraparound U-bench and a original built-in Boesch bar, it provides space for up to 7 people. The rambling sundeck invites you to relax and enjoy the weather and the built-in rear shower will be a welcoming refreshment at any time. Plenty of storage space up front as well as adjacent to and behind the engine lets you keep everything stowed and organized and the easy-to-handle convertible top provides protection against wind and inclement weather. The Boesch 970 St. Tropez makes boating memories possible.



1 Tachometer with separate digital display

2 Oil pressure indicator

2 Cooling water temperature gauge

2 Voltmeters

2 Fuel gauges

1 Fresh water tank gauge

1 Rudder angle indicator

1 Speedometer

1 Compass

1 Sounder

1 GPS navigation system


1 Starter battery 150 Ah at 12 volts. 2 more batteries are connected as consumer batteries. The electricity is distributed via a special controller. It is possible, 230-volt appliances - such as Microwave ovens - to join.

automatic fire-extinguishing system in motor compartment

Standard Accessories

A double Windshield wiper system

4 Position lights

Electric bilge pump

2 fire extinguishers of 2 kg

Electric horn

4 Jumbo fender long

4 Mooring

1 Paddle

1 Combination paddle/boat hook

Fog horn

Emergency light

Tool bag

1 Shield anchor 8 kg

Anchor cable

2 Rescue cushions

1 Notflagge

Petrol dipstick

Boesch flag with flagstaff

1 Flagpole at the tail with a Swiss flag

1 Lockable glove compartment

Manuals for the owner

2 hooks in the steven

Floating ring with heaving line

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